A long history of service to visitors and locals alike.

mike's mini martMichael’s Mini-Mart has been in the Romero family for over 50 years. It is very well-known and respected in northern New Mexico. This c-store serves as town hall and meeting place for the entire community of Velarde, and this town has provided loyal customers for generations.

The "Favorites by Alice" is more than just a catchphrase. It refers to the recipes that were crowd favorites at Mike's Place, their restaurant in the neighboring city of Española. They revived the recipes in response to customer demand. In fact, Michael's Mini-Mart was featured in the Winter 2007 edition of Saveur Magazine for their great food!

Comments and Media about Michael's Mini-Mart

Michael's Mini-Mart Named to New Mexico Chili Cheeseburger Trail
No state is more passionate about its burger than New Mexico. A juicy thick patty grilled over an open flame or sizzled on a griddle, then blanketed in molten Cheddar or other cheese, and topped off with enough New Mexican green chile to tingle the tastebuds—what could be more glorious? Michael's Mini-Mart has been honored by the state of New Mexico to be included on their Chili-Cheeseburger Trail map. Click on the image for a larger version or here to read the story.



saveurFrom SAVEUR Magazine
“...Farther north, the high-desert farming town of Velarde is home to Michael's Mini-Mart, an unprepossessing pit stop along State Highway 68. There, take a seat at one of three small tables and, for less than you'd spend on a couple of gallons of unleaded, order from the 48-item menu featuring co-owner Alice Romero's justly famous smothered red chile burritos, pork tacos with pico de gallo, and chicharrón burritos, packed with pork rinds, refried beans, cheddar cheese, and chiles…”



newsFrom Convenience Store News
“… Operators who deliver customer service well, though, know that it isn't only about the experience in the store or at the gas pumps, it's also about being a good neighbor and supporting the communities in which their consumers live and work....It is upon these principles of customer- and communitymindedness that Michael and Alice Romero, owners of Michael's Mini-Mart in Velarde, N.M., have built their business. As Alice said, "If people like you and you treat them well, they'll stick with you."….”



mike's mini-martPNM Rural Entrepreneurs of the Year 2007

"The Romero family exemplifies the possibilities offered by entrepreneurship. Michael and Alice Romero and their daughters have fulfilled the American dream in a very personal way. The current success of Michael's Mini-Mart follows the pattern of success the family established with their first business, a Tastee Freeze franchise they opened in Espanola in 1971....In addition to providing goods and services to travelers in northern New Mexico, the store serves as the unofficial town square of Velarde...."


Our Philosophy

We're here to serve all our customers --whether you're from the local community of Velarde or you're from far away, coming to visit our beautiful Land of Enchantment -- with the best possible products and service that we can. We look forward to seeing and meeting all of you!